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Volunteers are a necessary part of a rescue facility. The care of the horses are more than one person can do. The horses need interaction with other humans besides myself.  It is a part of the healing process for the horses that come to Where the Willow Was after being abused. Then there is the farm needs such as mending fences, cleaning fence lines, watering and mowing of the pastures.



There are many needs that each horse needs beginning with getting their feet back in good condition.  Many times the horses come here with hooves that have not been trimmed in a long time.

$200 will cover the cost of trimming a horse for a year

$400 a year will cover regular vet care and vaccination for a horse for a year

$1600 sends a group of 12 to a workshop for a day

$150 pays for a family session for an hour

$600 Send a teacher, parent, or someone you know for professional enhancement and enrichment for a four day class

$10000 pays for a month of professional training for a horse with Dillon Zieske

Cory trimming Pansy's hooves


Betty is a highly skilled horse-listener. She connects us with our own reactions by observing and asking. Through my avoidance of getting in the arena with the horses, I realized I often avoid my own truths about myself. Betty is kind, nurturing, and tough...the kind of person you want telling you what is underneath your's a radical kind of therapy if one can submit to the wisdom of nature.


Jessika Chaudhry, M.S., RYT,  education specialist, mother

Smokey Joe with word Stress wrote on him. part of an exercise identifying common issue struggling


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