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Cory cleaning Pansy's foot getting ready to trim hooves


Some horses have not had a halter on or have been abuse and need to learn how to trust again. This is Dot, she is young and learning how to interact with a human.



Healing hooves. The horses that come here usually need their feet trimmed.  Many have had their feet neglected and healing begins from the ground up.

Dot learning how to react to halter and trust a human
willow tree hit by lightening split into three growing parts. Learning tree place to climb, play


 There is always projects that need to be done on a farm.  Fences to be repaired, painted and sometimes moved. Trees that need to be trimmed. Irrigation that need to be moved or repaired. Pastures that need to be mowed.

Sunshine when she first came to farm. under weight needing extra food to put on weight


Some horses when they arrive at Where the Willow Was are undernourished, or injured. Sometimes special feed is needed to help the horses gain weight. Extra hay and feed is always needed.

Smokey with common issue group was feeling at work,STRESS


Horses are an ultimate family group. They have a leader and a defined hierarchy. They are masters of keeping their world in order. They are focused on keeping balance. When it’s upset, they work it out and get the balance back. In another words, they have a lot to teach us.


Horses are dynamic in their ability to convey to us the demands every leader needs … the physical, mental, and emotional prowess it takes to develop power, focus, and social integrity. Those are the skills needed to negotiate in today’s waters. Whether you’re a professional teacher, counselor, businessman, or a father, mother, and child in turmoil, or a member of the military trying to find your place in this world, horses can help you find new answers.            

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